Offering Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

The Work of Byron Katie consists of four questions and the turnarounds as a way of exploring a different aspect of what we believe is reality. It’s a simple process of self inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the thoughts that cause all your suffering because we all deserve peace.  I use The Work in all the sessions and workshops that I offer.

The Work of Byron Katie or ‘The Work’, as it is commonly known, is a tool that many people around the world have found valuable in inquiring into any thought they have that causes stress in their lives.  I use it when I feel emotional about something that has happened, whether that’s in the present or the past, and it allows me to find peace within myself’

I am here to support you to understand and use The Work to find peace in your own life.

Using The Work has benefits that show up in your emotional well being, as well as your physical being.

This list might help you better understand what The Work can help you with.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual sessions are to explore daily stressful situations.

28 Days of inquiry based coaching to find yourself

Divorce Coaching supports you when you’re growing through a divorce.

Anxiety Coaching helps you find a calmer and quieter place in life

I Work with people all over the world so distance is no barrier.

The Self-Inquiry Blog

Read the blog where you’ll find me questioning common themes whether they are things that come up for me personally, or ones that I find when reading articles written by others.  A lot of what I write about is based on relationship issues.

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